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Abstract #0031

Measurement of Cerebral Blood Flow in Craniosynostotic Rabbits using ASL-MRI

Foley L, Hitchens T, Ho C, Fellows-Mayle W, Horner J, Mooney M, Siegel M, Losee J
Carnegie Mellon University

Craniosynostosis occurs in 400 per 1,000,000 live births and is associated with elevated intracranial pressure (ICP). Elevated ICP in craniosynostosis is associated with changes in ventricle volume and cerebral blood flow (CBF). Rabbits with early onset coronal suture (EOCS) synostosis have significantly enlarged lateral ventricles. Measurement of CBF in these rabbits using ASL-MRI shows increased flow in the area of the lateral ventricles and the brain cortex. This may be associated with alterations in CSF.