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Abstract #0032

Longitudinal Changes in Vascular Function in a Canine Aging Model Measured by Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI and the Correlation of Blood-Brain-Barrier Permeability with Beta-Amyloid Angiopathy Assessed by Immunohistochemical Staining

Su M, Pop V, Chu Y, Nalcioglu O, Head E, Vu L, Muggenburg B
University of California

We investigated the changes in vascular volume and BBB permeability in a canine model of human aging during the critical aging decline period of 3 years. The interventions, anti-oxidant diet or environmental enrichment, improved the vascular function measured by dynamic contrast enhanced MRI. They increased the blood volume in the frontal lobe after one year, and delayed the BBB permeability worsening for 2 years compared to controls. MRI results demonstrated that BBB permeability was higher in occipital lobe than frontal lobe, which was higher than in parietal lobe, and the order was the same in A-beta angiopathy study using immunohistochemical staining.