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Abstract #0033

Wash-in Time of Molecular Oxygen from Dynamic Oxygen-enhanced MRI: New Approach for Assessment of Smoking-related Pulmonary Functional Loss

Ohno Y, Nogami M, Koyama H, Takenaka D, Sugimura K, Hatabu H, Obara M, Cauteren M, Kawamitsu H
Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine

The purpose of the present study is to determine the capability of wash-in time of molecular oxygen from dynamic O2-enhanced MRI for assessment of smoking-related pulmonary functional loss. Overall O2-enhancement and mean wash-in time were correlated with Brinkmanfs index, FEV1% and DLCO/VA. Mean wash-in time had better correlation with Brinkmanfs index and FEV1%, and slightly wrong correlation with DLCO/VA, as compared with overall O2-enhancement. Wash-in time of molecular oxygen may have a potential for assessment of smoking-related pulmonary functional loss, and be more sensitive parameter to assess air-way dependent pulmonary functional loss.