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Abstract #0066

Optimized outer volume suppression for slice selective MRSI

Henning A, Schr M, Schulte R, Pruessmann K, Boesiger P
University and ETH Zurich

In spite of highly-selective saturation pulses sufficient outer volume and especially fat suppression in MRSI could just be achieved in combination with PRESS localization, which causes immense chemical shift displacement at higher field strength. Slightly over-prescribed PRESS was only shown in combination with single suppression bands. In this work the flip angles of multitude, overlapping suppression bands were optimized considering the progressing T1 relaxation during the OVS scheme. T1 and B1 insensitive outer volume suppression in combination with largely over-prescribed PRESS MRSI and slice selective MRSI could be reached. The optimization was performed for highly-selective, broadband higher-order phase pulses (HOPP).