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Abstract #0067

3D SENSE Spectroscopic Imaging with Acceleration in Three Dimensions

Dydak U, Meier D, Kruiskamp M, Kozerke S, Possanzini C, Luechinger R, Boesiger P
University and ETH Zurich

Scan times in MR spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) can be reduced significantly by using SENSE. So far a maximal SENSE acceleration factor of two has been applied in one or two phase encoding dimensions of single or multi-slice MRSI. 3D MRSI is a sequence with three phase encoding dimensions, offering the possibility for SENSE acceleration in three dimensions. Using a 16-element coil with different coil sensitivities in all dimensions, we show initial results of 3D MRSI with a SENSE factor of 2x2x2. Furthermore, SENSE acceleration factors of 4, 6 and 9 are compared to conventional MRSI for a single slice measurement.