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Abstract #0071

Fast 3D 1H Spectroscopic Imaging of the Human Brain at 3 Tesla using spectroscopic Missing Pulse SSFP with 3D Spatial Selection

Schuster C, Dreher W, Leibfritz D
University of Bremen, Center of Advanced Imaging (CAI)

In this study a novel SSFP based method for fast 3D 1H spectroscopic imaging termed spectroscopic Missing Pulse SSFP is presented which combines the high SNRt and the short minimum measurement time of spectroscopic SSFP sequences with 3D spatial selection. The sequence was implemented on a 3T head scanner and applied to healthy volunteers. The technique provides 3D metabolic maps with good spatial and spectral resolution in about 6 minutes. As a separate water suppression is avoided and phase correction is not needed, spectroscopic Missing Pulse SSFP is a very robust fast SI method with only minimal user interaction.