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Abstract #0072

Spectral-spatial excitation and refocusing for reduced volume mis-registration at 7 Tesla

Cunningham C, Chen A, Vigneron D, Lustig M, Kelley D, Xu D, Pauly J
Stanford University

For localized MR spectroscopy at high field (>= 3 T), chemical shift mis-registration of the excited/refocused volume is a major concern. In this abstract, the use of spectral-spatial pulses as a means to excite/refocus volumes without mis-registration is investigated for application at 7 T. Spectral-spatial pulses that completely eliminate chemical-shift mis-registration over the full bandwidth defined by the gradient oscillation frequency can be designed. In a tradeoff of spectral bandwidth for robustness, a partially adiabatic spectral-spatial pulse was designed. Experimental tests showed feasibility for long echo-time spectroscopy without chemical-shift mis-registration and insensitivity to RF inhomogeneity over a range of +/- 30%.