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Abstract #0094

Morphological features of FNH in gadoxetic acid-enhanced liver MRI: Results of a multicenter trial

EOB-Study-Group E, Zech C, Grazioli L, Breuer J, Schoenberg S, Reiser M
Schering AG

Focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH) is a common benign focal liver lesion. Since FNH is usually no indication for liver surgery, non-invasive characterization of this lesion is of high importance. This multicenter trial evaluates the diagnostic performance to characterize FNH and describes morphological and enhancement features of FNH in MRI with the hepato-cellular-specific contrast agent gadoxetic acid. The results show that gadoxetic acid enhanced MRI provides a better characterization of FNH in comparison to pre-contrast MRI and spiral CT. In the early dynamic examination enhancement characteristics well known from extracellular contrast agents can be distinguished.