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Abstract #0095

Voxel-based analysis of dynamic 3D perfusion images: preliminary results in chronic liver disease

Lee V, Rusinek H, Mikheev A, Wong S, Taouli B
NYU Medical Center

We describe our early experience with a quick automated voxel-based analysis method to process 3D perfusion-weighted imaging of the liver, performed in 10 patients (5 cirrhotic, 5 non cirrhotic) using an interpolated 3D GE sequence after injection of 10 mL of Gd-DTPA. Post-processing was performed using an automated method that enabled misregistration correction. Color maps of time to peak (TTP) of contrast in liver parenchyma were obtained, and showed longer higher TTP in cirrhotic livers (47.7 vs. 20.0 sec., p < 0.005). Our study shows a potential usefulness of a quick automated method for post-processing of liver perfusion data.