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Abstract #0096

TIME-RESOLVED ECHO-SHARING ANGIOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH VOLUME-INTERPOLATED BREATH-HOLD EXAMINATION MRI (TREAT-VIBE): Feasibility of a 3-D Technique for Evaluation of the Liver with High Temporal Resolution using a Triple- Arterial Phase Acquisition

Lim R, Parikh T, Taouli B, Shock S, Drew S, Lee V, Xu J, Kroeker R, Hecht E
New York University Medical Center

Our objective was to assess the feasibility of a triple-phase arterial acquisition during a single breath-hold using a Time Resolved Echo-sharing Angiographic Technique-Volume Interpolated Breath-hold Examination technique with parallel imaging (GRAPPA) factor 2. For cirrhotics, the liver parenchymal enhancement varied in maximal enhancement during the three arterial phase acquisitions, and lesions had variable arterial enhancement. TREAT-VIBE acquisition is a feasible technique achieving high temporal resolution and incorporating optimal arterial phase enhancement of the liver parenchyma during contrast infusion. This may have important implications in detection of arterially enhancing lesions in the altered contrast kinetics of the cirrhotic liver.