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Abstract #0108

Characterization and potential of Gd-ACX, a new contrast agent for Magnetic Resonance Neuroimaging

Perles-Barbacaru A, Aous S, Farion R, Lahrech H, Debouzy J, Fries P, Gadelle A
INSERM, U594, Univ Grenoble 1

The (3,6-per anhydro) α-cyclodextrin derivative (ACX) complexing Gd3+ has properties of a MRI contrast agent. The complex Gd-ACX is biocompatible, not nephrotoxic and little hemolytic up to 10 times the dose needed for in vivo MRI. The longitudinal and transversal relaxivities, 8.61 and 10.11 mM-1s-1 respectively, are superior to those of Gd-DOTA. Gd-ACX is characterized by a flat nuclear magnetic relaxation dispersion profile up to 100 MHz. It is shown to be a blood pool agent. No extravasation in a C6 glioma model in rats was observed, contrary to Gd-DOTA. Its potential for cerebral perfusion measurement is demonstrated.