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Abstract #0107

Non-Invasive Assessment of Therapy-Induced Tumor Necrosis Using DTPA-Gd-Poly(L-Glutamic Acid)

Jackson E, Esparza-Coss E, Wen X, Li C
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

A novel contrast agent, DTPA-Gd-poly(L-glutamic acid), was investigated as a marker for necrosis in tumors treated with poly(L-glutamic acid)-paclitaxel. PG-Gd results were compared to those obtained using degraded PG-Gd and MagnevistTM. Contrast agents were administered on Day 0 and images obtained at Days 0, 3, and 5. Treatment began on Day 1. Tumor enhancement was seen immediately following injection of degraded PG-Gd or Magnevist with no enhancement at Days 3 and 5. PG-Gd did not demonstrate acute enhancement, but caused pronounced enhancement on Days 3 and 5, with areas of enhancement corresponding to regions of necrosis seen on H&E sections.