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Abstract #0133

Long-term diffusion changes in the corpus callosum of patients with severe traumatic brain injury

Nielsen A, Sidaros K, Mathiesen H, Rostrup E, Liptrot M
Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre, Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre

Diffuse axonal injury is the dominating type of primary neuronal injury in patients with severe blunt head trauma. To investigate the long-term changes of diffusion parameters following trauma, we performed a DTI study with approximately one-year follow-up on patients with severe traumatic brain injury. In the corpus callosum, fractional anisotropy decreased (p<0.001), ADC increased (p=0.012) and mean of the eigenvalues &[lambda]2 and &[lambda]3 increased (p<0.001). These findings are consistent with an ongoing degeneration following diffuse axonal injury.