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Abstract #0132

Diffusion Tensor Fractional Anisotropy is a Potential Surrogate Marker for Neuroinflammatory Molecules in Brain Abscess

Mishra A, Gupta R, Hasan K, Nath K, Husain M, Husain N, Kumar S, Narayana P, Prasad K, Prasad A
Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences

DTI data were acquired from five patients with brain abscess (BA) with an aim to look for the reasons for high fractional anisotropy (FA) value in the cavity and the wall of BA. Neuroinflammatory molecules (NMs) (intercellular cell adhesion molecule-1, lymphocyte function associated antigen-1, tumor necrosis factor- and interleukin-1) from the pus were quantified using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction to observe relationship of NMs with FA. Positive correlation between FA and NMs and between NMs and immunodetection of NMs in the wall of BA suggests that FA is a surrogate marker of active neuroinflammation in BA.