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Abstract #0135

Brain morphometry using diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging: application to studying subjects at high genetic risk for schizophrenia

Szulc K, Ardekani B, Hoptman M, DeLisi L, Brown K, Majcher M, Bertisch H, Bappal A, Branch C
NYU School of Medicine

In this abstract a recently proposed apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) based method of assessing cortical atrophy is applied to studying subjects at high genetic risk for schizophrenia. The innovation of this method is the assertion that ADC may be used as a marker of cortical volume deficits. Four regions were identified in which subjects at high genetic risk with schizophrenia and patients had increased ADC. These data indicate that subtle cortical atrophy may already be occurring in people at high-risk for developing schizophrenia prior to actually showing clinical signs of the illness.