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Abstract #0141

Detailed Analysis of Myocardial Motion in Volunteers and Patients using High Temporal Resolution MR Tissue Phase Mapping

Fll D, Petersen S, Bttler P, Hennig J, Jung B, Markl M
University Hospital

Since diastolic dysfunction accounts for up to one half of the cases of heart failure, abnormal regional left ventricular wall motion is an important clinical marker in multiple cardiac pathologies. Tissue Doppler imaging (TDI) is an established method allowing for the detection and investigation in regional myocardial motion with high temporal resolution. Drawbacks of TDI are related to limitations of the acoustic window and the dependance of myocardial velocities on the angle of insonation. In order to overcome limitations of TDI, respiratory gated MR phase contrast measurements with high temporal resolution were performed in 12 volunteers and 2 patients with LV hypertrophy and characteristical findings in myocardial motion were discussed.