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Abstract #0142

Highly accelerated k-t SENSE using large coil arrays

Vitanis V, Baltes C, Tsao J, Kozerke S, Boesiger P, Hansen M
Institute for Biomedical Engineering, University and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

k-t SENSE enables significant scan accelerations in dynamic imaging. However, dynamic image features may become blurred with increasing acceleration factors. When using large receiver arrays the spatial encoding capability of multiple independent coils may be exploited to partially replace the role of training information. At large acceleration factors, however, this approach is limited by noise amplification from coil encoding. In this work, modified sampling is proposed which favors the temporal dimension by skipping spatial phase-encodes entirely. The approach is shown to provide improved temporal fidelity in 2D cine imaging of the heart with up to 16-fold acceleration.