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Abstract #0144

Cine-Navigator Imaging: Self-Navigating Respiratory Motion Correction for Free-Breathing Cardiac Cine-MRI

Thompson R, Leung A
University of Alberta

Respiratory motion artifacts in cine-imaging of the heart are avoided by breath-holding, which limits the information that can be acquired in a given study and excludes patients that are unable to perform breath-holds, particularly children. We use an interleaved segmented radial k-space approach to acquire real-time images throughout a free-breathing conventional gated-segmented experiment, using the same k-space data for both purposes. Real-time images are used for self-navigating image registration and motion correction of k-space data prior to the ultimate gated-segmented reconstruction. Significant improvement over uncorrected images (up to 67% increase in edge sharpness) is shown in volunteer studies.