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Abstract #0145

Highly Accelerated Real-Time Imaging of Cardiac Function Using a 32 Channel Phased Array at 3 T

Wichmann T, Griswold M, Lanz T, Nittka M, Greiser A, Jakob P
Rapid Biomedical GmbH, University of Wrzburg

The purpose of this study was to gauge the performance of a 32 channel array in cardiac imaging at 3T using high parallel imaging accelerations. This combination is shown to provide significant improvement in imaging speed while maintaining good image quality. In particular, real-time acquisitions are shown at acceleration factors of 7 using TSENSE. In addition, high-resolution free-breathing real-time images were obtained with an in-plane spatial resolution of 2.8x1.2mm, which is similar to the typical breathhold protocol used today in the clinical routine. We believe this technology could allow clinical use of ungated, free-breathing real time imaging of cardiac function.