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Abstract #0156

CSI of mouse brain tumors at 7 Tesla with 0.8l voxel resolution

Ars C, Simoes R, Diekmann C, Cerdn S
Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona

Routine CSI acquisition on mouse models of human disease is now possible with a new generation of commercially available equipment. In this preliminary study, brain tumors were induced in mice by intracranial injection of C6 glioma cells. Animals harboring a brain tumor, identified by CE-T1 MRI, underwent CSI studies at 7T either in a PharmaScan 70/16 or in a BioSpec 70/30 (Bruker, Germany). The highly resolved CSI data obtained (0.8 l voxels) opens exciting avenues for new spectroscopic applications in mouse models, suggesting that in the future CSI information can be correlated with molecular phenotype in heterogeneous tumors.