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Abstract #0176

A Clinical Comparison of Rigid and Inflatable Endorectal Coil Probes for MRI and 3D MRSI of the Prostate

Crane J, Noworolski S, Vigneron D, Kurhanewicz J

Endorectal probes can provide improved signal to noise (S/N) over a pelvic phased array, but may produce image artifacts. Four probe setups were evaluated for image motion artifacts and spectral quality: two rigid coils and an inflatable probe filled with either air or fluid. The probes have different tradeoffs. The rigid probes provided higher S/N (260% and 240% increase), but suffered more motion artifacts versus the inflatable probes. The fluid-inflated probes produced excellent quality images and spectra and had the shortest time to manually shim, but do distort the prostate. Rigid probes may be preferred for particular applications.