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Abstract #0179

Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging as a biologic marker to non-invasively assess the effect of finasteride on prostatic suburethral microcirculation

Jia G, Knopp M, Heverhagen J, Polzer H, Jacko R, Liang J, Zhang J, Levine A, Rosol T
The Ohio State University

The important questions to be addressed about finasteride treatment include, what is the optimum dose and how long should the patients be treated. An effective non-invasive tool may be helpful to solve these questions by monitoring the changes in prostatic microcirculation. In this study we investigated dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI) of the prostate and assessed the potential of the pharmacokinetic parameters as biomarkers to evaluate microvascular changes in the prostatic suburethral tissue in an experimental dog prostate model.