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Abstract #0180

Novel MRI Reporter Gene for Determination of Cell Viability

Yang P, Krishnan M, Zhang S, Quertermous T, Arai T, Weissman I, Robbins R, Wu J, Drukker M
Stanford University

A novel MRI reporter gene driven by constitutively expressed CMV/ubiquitin promoter has been targeted to specific recombinant fusion gene designed to express antigenic epitopes on the surface of mouse embryonic stem cells (mESC). Employing commercially available SPIO-tagged monoclonal antibodies (SPIO-MAb) specific to these surface epitopes, viable mESC transfected with a reporter gene will generate MRI signal from SPIO-Mab linked to the epitopes. In vitro proof-of-concept was performed to demonstrate generation of MR signal from the molecular marker of mESC viability.