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Abstract #0181

Microarray analysis of the effect of Feridex-labeling on gene expression in neural stem cells

Ruiz-Cabello J, Barnett B, Bulte J, Kedziorek D, Gilad A, Walczak P
Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins University

MRI cell tracking using Feridex has found many biological applications and has recently entered the clinic. However, little is known about potential down- or upregulation of gene expression following labeling. As iron catalyzes many biological reactions, robust safety data will be required by regulatory agencies before widespread clinical implementation. We have performed microarray analysis of over 40,000 genes in Feridex-labeled neural stem cells. Surprisingly, we detected a significant change in gene expression for more than 400 genes, with maximal changes at 1-2 days following labeling. These results may have implications for FDA-approval of SPIO-based cell tracking.