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Abstract #0183

Multimodality molecular imaging of tumor angiogenesis using quantum dots

Mulder W, Strijkers G, de Mello Doneg C, Brandwijk R, Koole R, Castermans K, Griffioen A, Nicolay K, Chin P, Storm G
Eindhoven University of Technology

We developed quantum dots with a pegylated and paramagnetic coating (pQDs) to make them detectable by both MR and optical imaging. The pQDs were made specific for angiogenic blood vessels by conjugating them with multiple RGD-peptides. The specificity of this novel contrast agent was verified in vitro. Upon intravenous administration of RGD-pQDs in tumor bearing mice intravital microscopy and MRI was performed, which allowed the multimodality visualization of activated tumor endothelium.