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Abstract #0184

Differentiation of Glioma from Radiation Necrosis by MRI Using Magnetically Labeled Cells

Arbab A, Brwon S, Iskander A, Rad A, Panda S, Soltanian-Zadeh H, Peck D, Ewing J, Ledbetter K, Ding G
Henry Ford Health System

Angiogenesis in glioma are typically permeable to contrast agents, and can thus be detected by contrast-enhanced MRI or CT. However, areas of radiation necrosis can also show enhancement due to active inflammatory reactions and increasing vascular permeability. One distinguishing characteristic, however, is that there is little active angiogenesis at the site of radiation necrosis. Moreover, there is no proof that radiation necrosis can initiate immunogenic reaction. Based on the vascularity and immunogenic reaction, glioma could be differentiated from radiation necrosis by MRI using magnetically labeled endothelial progenitor cells and sensitized T-cell.