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Abstract #0191

Simultaneous MR Temperature Imaging and Radiofrequency Ablation of Human Liver Tumor: A Preliminary Study

Lepetit-Coiffe M, Quesson B, Seror O, Moonen C, Trillaud H, Laumonier H, d'Attoma S
CNRS/University Bordeaux 2

Radiofrequency (RF) thermo ablation is a mini invasive technique used for tumor ablation, but combination with quantitative MR thermometry is challenging due to artifacts induced by RF generators. In this preliminar study, a MR compatible RF device was used to perform local monopolar RF ablation on 6 human hepatic tumors in vivo. Temperature uncertainty remained under 2Cand thermal dose maps calculated from real-time quantitative temperature images were found to be in good agreement with local contrasts changes observed on T1-(post gadolinium injection)and T2-weighted images obtained just after ablation. No local or distant recurrence was observed after 12months of follow up.