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Abstract #0195

Transurethral Multi-Sectored Ultrasound Applicators for Conformal Thermal Therapy of the Prostate with MR Temperature Monitoring

Butts Pauly K, Sommer G, Kinsey A, Diederich C, Nau W, Rieke V
Stanford University

Transurethral ultrasound applicators with multiple sectors on a tubular transducer were developed for BPH and prostate cancer treatment. The devices conformed a thermal dose to a target area in the angular, axial, and radial dimensions. Evaluations of device heating patterns and characteristics were conducted in a 0.5T interventional scanner in three canine prostates. The multi-sectored ultrasound applicators developed in this study created large thermal lesions (>15mm in diameter) in relatively short treatment times (~10min). With real-time MR temperature imaging feedback, the devices were able deliver a targeted without requiring any applicator movement or manipulation during treatment.