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Abstract #0198

Optimization of the Self-reference Thermometry using Isolated Regions for Complex Signal Estimation

Kumamoto E, Keserci B, Kokuryo D, Kaihara T, Fujii S, Kuroda K, Okada A
Information Science and Technology Center, Kobe University, Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University

In the referenceless, or self-reference thermometry technique, temperature estimation errors could be increased when thermal changes, or spatial irregularities, in the complex signals were included in the region for estimation (RFE), which was placed to surround the region of interest (ROI) covering the spot of heating. To solve this problem, size, shape and placement of RFE(s) were devised to serve better temperature monitoring capability for focused ultrasound surgery of uterine fibroids. Errors in temperature estimation with a single, doughnut-like RFE located on the tissue boundary were significantly reduced by using multiple, spatially-isolated RFEs allocated to avoid the tissue boundary.