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Abstract #0197

Acute Histopathological Changes in Canine Prostates Treated with High Intensity Ultrasound or Cryosurgery: Correlation with Contrast Enhanced MR Images

Bouley D, Daniel B, Diederich C, Sommer G, Nau W, Butts Pauly K, Liu E
Stanford University

The clinicians ability to monitor and accurately predict the extent of targeted tissue damage that results from minimally invasive cancer therapies is paramount for the successful outcome of the therapy and the safety of the patient. In this study, the histopathological lesions created by high intensity ultrasound and cryosurgery are evaluated in a canine prostate model. Gross and microscopic lesions are compared with contrast enhanced MR images in order to provide the clinician with valuable information that should aid in real time monitoring of lesion induction and extent of tissue damage with MRI.