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Abstract #0298

MR Imaging of Ductal Carcinoma in Situ: Morphological Appearances, Kinetic Features, and Choline Quantification with Pathological Correlation

Chen J, Su M, Nalcioglu O, Baik H, YU H
University of California, Irvine, China Medical University Hospital

This study showed a high percentage of DCIS (13/31) was presented with multiple foci of enhancement scattering in a region and presented as clumped pattern in MIPs. Kinetic assessment showed no correlation between the tumor grades and types of enhancement. Intermediate grade DCIS showed higher frequency of rapid initial and washout than high grade DCIS. This finding supported studies that intermediate grade DCIS has even higher microvascular density than that of low and high grade DCIS. Our study also demonstrated that choline level is detectable in DCIS, a finding different from previous reports showing no detectable choline in DCIS patients