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Abstract #0301

Comparison of T1 fat saturation vs. high spectral and spatial resolution MRI of breast lesions

Fan X, Zamora M, Karczmar G, Newstead G, Olopade F, Medved M, Foxley S, Abe H, Arkani-Hammad S
University of Chicago

High resolution echo-planar spectroscopic images (EPSI) of breast were compared with conventional T1-weighted fat saturated images acquired with the same resolution, slice thickness, and slice location. Women with suspicious breast lesions were imaged on 1.5 Tesla scanners. Images with intensity proportional to the water signal peak height in each voxel were synthesized from the EPSI datasets. The results demonstrated that fat suppression, tumor edge delineation, lesion conspicuity, and image texture were improved in the water peak height images. The water peak height images can be an additional clinical tool to improve detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.