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Abstract #0356

Validation of Magnetoliposomes as MR contrast agents for in situ labeling of endogenous neuronal progenitor cells in the mouse brain

Vreys R, Peleman C, Geraerts M, Debyser Z, De Cuyper M, Baekelandt V, Van der Linden A
University of Antwerp

MRI has recently become a powerful tool for in vivo non-invasive monitoring of the migration of superparamagnetic iron oxide labeled stem cells. In our study we stereotactically injected four different types of Magnetoliposomes (MLs) in the Rostral Migration Stream (RMS) of healthy adult mice to evaluate their potentials for labeling endogenous neuronal progenitor cells. The observed migration of the contrast agents along the RMS appeared to be relocation of the MLs along the white matter tract that runs in parallel with the RMS and no stem cell migration. This was confirmed by MLs migrating along other white matter tracts.