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Abstract #0357

Measures of Bone Marrow-Derived Monocyte Migration into Brain during HIV-1 Encephalitis: Implications for the Pathogenesis and Treatment of HIV-1 Infection of the Nervous System

Boska M, Uberti M, Kingsley J, Gendelman H, Mosley R, Nelson J, Dou H
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) labeling of mouse bone marrow derived macrophages (BMM) has been used to track body and brain trafficking of i.v. injected BMM. Detection by T2* weighted MRI has been used to track cell distribution over time and endpoints were validated by Prussian blue stained histological analyses of BMM density. Results demonstrate, for the first time, that non-invasive tracking of BMM into HIV-1 encephalitic brain tissue can be detected by T2* weighted MRI of SPIO labeled BMM with cells primarily found in the region of HIV-1 infected cells in a mouse model of HIV-1 encephalitis.