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Abstract #0437

Multiscale white matter fiber tract coregistration: a new feature-based approach to align diffusion tensor data

Leemans A, Sijbers J, De Backer S, Vandervliet E, Parizel P
University of Antwerp

In this work, we developed an automatic multiscale three-dimensional (3D) feature-based DTI coregistration technique based on the local curvature &[sigma] and torsion &[tau] of the White Matter (WM) fiber pathways. This fully automatic and analytic (no iterations) technique inherently allows region of interest (ROI) coregistration, is adequate to perform both global and local transformations, and makes the calculation of the diffusion tensor reorientation superfluous. Simulations with synthetic diffusion tensor data have been elaborated to evaluate the performance and an in-vivo example has been worked out, demonstrating feasibility of the proposed technique to align experimental data.