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Abstract #0451

Detection of Change in CNS Involvement in NPSLE with Magnetization Transfer Imaging

van Buchem M, Emmer B, Steens S, Steup-Beekman G, van der Grond J, Huizinga T, Bosma G, Ouwendijk W, Admiraal-Behloul F, Olofsen H
Leiden University Medical Center

In neuro-psychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus (NPSLE) magnetization transfer imaging (MTI) has been associated with disease activity. However, it is unknown whether MTI is also sensitive to changes in individual neurological or psychiatric symptoms, which typically occur in NPSLE patients. 19 NPSLE patients underwent MTI on two separate occasions. In patients who clinically improved the MTR peak height increased significantly. In patients who were clinically stable, MTI did not change. In patients who clinically deteriorated, the MTR peak height decreased significantly. These findings suggest that MTI could be a valuable additional tool to objectify neurological or psychiatric complaints in NPSLE patients.