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Abstract #0452

Validation of a white-matter specific dual MR/optical contrast agent for high-resolution imaging

Farrar C, Blackwell M, Rosen B
Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging

In this work, we address three remaining questions about Luxol Fast Blue, a dual MR/optical white-matter specific contrast agent: 1) the relaxivity of LFB at 14T, 2) the duration LFB-stained samples should be immersed in lithium carbonate differentiating solution, and 3) the histological validation of LFB distribution within tissue samples. In addition, high-resolution MR images of samples treated with LFB display enhanced vertical bands, which may be radial organizations of neocortical axons. LFB and other specific, exogenous contrast agents hold much promise for enhancing the cytoarchitecture in high-resolution, high-field MR imaging.