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Abstract #0458

Quantitative BOLD: Separation of Effects from Blood Volume and Oxygen Extraction Fraction

Yablonskiy D, He X
Washington University School of Medicine

Measurement of oxygen extraction fraction (OEF) is essential for understanding the baseline state of the human brain both in health and decease. Separation of contributions from OEF and cerebral deoxygenated blood volume (DBV) is also important for better understanding of BOLD signal. Herein we propose a theoretic BOLD model that incorporates MR signals from white and gray matters, intravascular blood and cerebrospinal fluid. Data are acquired using multi-gradient echo sequence (GESSE). Results show a relatively uniform OEF distribution (43.511.5%) in a good agreement with PET data as well as a contrast of DBV between gray (1.370.25%) and white (0.670.11%) matters.