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Abstract #0459

Concurrent Nulling of Blood and CSF Signal (VASO-FLAIR) Allows for Simultaneous Measurement of CBV and CSF Volume Fractions

Edden R, Donahue M, van Zijl P, Zhao J
Johns Hopkins University

Quantification of hemodynamic parameters is often imprecise due to imperfect knowledge of CSF volume fractions. We developed a novel VASO-FLAIR technique, which nulls blood and CSF signals simultaneously through the application of two appropriately-spaced, non-spatially-selective inversion pulses. We show that CSF and blood volume fractions can be rapidly quantified by sequentially acquiring VASO data (blood-nulling with a single non-selective inversion), VASO-FLAIR data, and a CSF reference signal in the ventricles, and processing these data with knowledge of tissue T1 and T2 relaxation times.