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Abstract #0477

Regional and intracellular lipid stores: Impact of a 12 week randomized cross over study of isonitrogenous low fat vs. low carbohydrate weight loss diets

Cui M, Tomuta V, Goswami G, Jayatillake H, Cruikshank G, Segal-Isaacson C, Cowell B, Hwang J, Stein D
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

The effect of low fat vs. low carbohydrate diet weight loss on regional and intracellular lipid stores and insulin sensitivity is reported. 8 subjects underwent 6 weeks one diet and crossed-over to the other diet for another 6 weeks. IHL, SAT and VAT decreased with weight loss, not different on LC vs. LF diet. On the other hand, IMCL increased significantly after LC diet and declined after LF diet. The peripheral insulin sensitivity was significantly improved from basal after LC diet accompanied by a decrease in plasma triglyceride.