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Abstract #0480

Real-Time Detection of Intramyocellular Lipids (IMCL) During Exercise by Means of 1H-MRS

Kreis R, Ith M, Benz T, Boesch C
University & Inselspital Berne

Synopsis: A method is proposed that uses 1H-MRS to directly assess IMCL levels during exercise in eight male volunteers. Comparing IMCL usage of the tibialis anterior muscle during 3 hours of continuous or 3h of intermittent running revealed no significant difference, indicating that the 12 minutes breaks for MRS-measurements every half hour do not influence the IMCL metabolism. During both exercise sessions about 50% of the initial amount of IMCL was used. Measurements every 30 minutes revealed that only 5% of the total IMCL consumption was used during the initial 30 minutes, whereas 19% was used during each of the remaining bouts.