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Abstract #0493

Double Edited NMR Spectroscoy for Detection of an Antioxidant Profile in the Human Brain In Vivo

Terpstra M, Gruetter R
University of MN

Edited NMR spectroscopy typically exploits J-coupling to uncover a single target resonance. In this study, a second target resonance (GSH), was deliberately added to vitamin C (ascorbate) edited spectoscopy. Double Editing With (DEW) PRESS localization was developed for simultaneous detection of the two most concentrated non-enzymatic antixidants in the human brain. Each double edited spectrum contained separable ascorbate and GSH resonances, and used the same measurement time as single editing. The DEW spectra measured in four normal volunteers at 4T were highly reproducible. DEW can be adapted for editing of Multiple coupling systems (MEW) and implemented with other editing techniques.