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Abstract #0494

Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Stroke and Trauma in a Neurovascular XMR Suite

Kiruluta A, Schaefer P, He J, Pryor J, Rabinov J, Schmidt E, Gonzalez R, Hirsch J
MGH, Harvard University

Combining the high quality 3D anatomical information obtained from MR with the high spatial and temporal resolution of x-ray imaging is of potentially great benefit in acute stroke monitoring and treatment as well as other neurological diseases whose treatment requires a short interventional window. The presence of an MR scanner in the emergency department (ED) greatly enhances the utility of the XMR suite since acute stroke patients appear first in the ED. Clinical treatment of stroke in the XMR suite is currently underway combining catheter placement under x-ray guidance for thrombolysis treatment of acute stroke following MR based imaging diagnosis.