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Abstract #0495

Intracranial Phase Contrast MRA with Vastly Under-sampled Isotropic Projection Reconstruction (PC-VIPR): Initial Experience at 3.0 Tesla

Lum D, Johnson K, Turk A, Aagaard-Kienitz B, Korosec F, Wieben O, Mistretta C, Turski P
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Phase-contrast MRA with vastly under-sampled isotropic projection reconstruction (PC-VIPR) is a promising technique, capable of producing high resolution angiographic images as well as quantitative flow information over a large imaging volume in a single exam. In this study, we present our initial experience on the imaging characteristics and performance of PC-VIPR of the intracranial vasculature at 3.0T. Specifically, we compare the contrast to noise ratios (CNR) of various intracranial vessel beds obtained from PC-VIPR exams acquired at 1.5T and 3.0T. In addition, we assess the image quality of PC-VIPR versus 3D Time-of-Flight MRA at 3.0T.