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Abstract #0568

A Parallel Acquisition Optimized Peripheral Vascular Coil for Combination Time Resolved and High Resolution Peripheral CE-MRA

Hoogeveen R, Hayes C, Maki J, Wilson G, Glickerman D, Eubank W, Mathis M, Whitnah J
Philips Medical

An 18 channel three-station peripheral MRA prototype coil optimized for parallel imaging (SENSE) was built and tested. SENSE factors of up to five are possible at all stations. Using this coil, time-resolved (keyhole technique, 3-4 s per timeframe) 3D intermediate resolution calf-station MRA can be performed and used a.) to aid in diagnosis, and b.) to optimally choose imaging and parallel imaging factors such that high-resolution single-injection moving table peripheral CE-MRA can be performed without confounding venous enhancement.