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Abstract #0569

Carotid Artery Disease: Effects of Doubling and Tripling Spatial Resolution in 3D Contrast-Enhanced Elliptical Centric Magnetic Resonance Angiography

Wilman A, Emery D, Hnatiuk B
University of Alberta

In contrast-enhanced 3D MRA, higher resolution is always desirable, but this requires increased acquisition times. The limitation on acquisition times for carotid artery contrast-enhanced MRA has recently shifted from venous contamination and arterial signal prolongation, to patient motion and signal-to-noise issues. This work addresses the effects of doubling and tripling image resolution in 110 consecutive patients presenting with suspected carotid artery disease. The work assesses the associated losses in SNR and potential increased patient motion. The higher resolution was found to be warranted for maximizing diagnostic value in patients with severe carotid stenosis, but not in normal arteries.