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Abstract #0572

A Curved Thigh Cuff for Suppressing Venous Enhancement on Peripheral MRA

Zhang H, Prince M, Ersoy H, Xu H, Ho B, Chao M, Mohajer K
Weill Medical College of Cornell University

A curved cuff was developed for thigh compression to eliminate venous contamination at the calf station of bolus chase peripheral MRA. It uses a Urethane laminate with a Velcro surface and a curved shape optimized for a snug fit on the conical shape of the leg. Inflation is uniform and controlled with 59 spot welds. The cuff has o-ring sealed connectors to a coiled conduit for inflation via an MRI compatible hand inflator or a high precision autoinflator connected to a pressure source. Consistent effective venous compression is achieved with this dedicated cuff system compared to MRA without venous compression.