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Abstract #0573

Intraindividual comparison of high-spatial resolution abdominal MRA at 1.5T and 3.0T

Schoenberg S, Weckbach S, Kramer H, Reiser M, Michaely H, Nael K
University of Munich

An intraindividual comparison study of abdominal MRA at 1.5T and 3.0T is presented. 15 volunteers were imaged at both field strength. The MRA sequences featured high spatial resolution (1x0.8x1mm at 1.5T / 0.9x0.8x0.9mm at 3T), a fast image acquisition enabled by parallel imaging factor 3. Image quality was rated by two radiologists, CNR was measured.MRA at 3T proved to have significantly higher CNR and fewer artifacts. Vessel visibility was equal with better vessel conspicuity at 3T.Even with broader anatomic coverage, a 20% reduced voxel size and scan time MRA at 3.0T was superior to 1.5T MRA.