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Abstract #0576

Blood Oxygenation Level Dependent (BOLD) and Gd-DTPA contrast MRI for early evaluation of breast cancer chemotherapy

Jiang L, Weatherall P, Tripathy D, McColl R, Mason R
UT Southwestern Medical Center, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Tumor microcirculation and oxygenation play very important roles in tumor growth and responsiveness to cytotoxic treatment. In order to explore using BOLD technique to evaluate cancer chemotherapy in clinic, we used the BOLD and DCE technique to assess breast cancer chemotherapy. Ten female patients with locally advanced breast cancer were treated with preoperative chemotherapy. MRI was performed on a Philips 1.5 T clinical scanner. Our result showed a strong correlation between high relative signal intensity of BOLD response and better therapeutic efficacy. BOLD may provide an indication of tumor physiology that responded to certain therapies.