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Abstract #0583

Optimal K-Space Acquisition Reordering for Intermittent Fat Saturation in Breast MRI

Plewes D, Desmond K, Ramsay E
University of Toronto, Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre

We demonstrate a method of partial-k-space fat suppression for 3D scans which significantly reduces the extension in imaging time while producing images which are visually equivalent to those produced with the conventional full-k-space saturation technique. Fat saturation pulses are performed intermittently while the k-space acquisition is reordered to optimize the distribution of the fat suppression, accounting for the regrowth of the fat signal via the Bloch equations. Using the reordered method we could achieve excellent fat suppression even when only 1% of k-space received a fat saturation pulse, allowing for the temporal resolution of 3D image sets to be doubled.